$0 Down Financing

Believe it.

Down Payment
Closing Costs
Loan Fees
Mortgage Insurance

Loans up to $400,000 


Get AT LEAST $2,500 

from me for closing costs

when you choose me to be your REALTOR®.

Learn the buying process, step-by-step.

This is a conventional mortgage loan program. It is not a government or grant program.
It's truly a $0 down mortgage and  your credit score doesn't matter


30-Year Fixed


No Down Payment

is required to qualify for this mortgage. Loan amounts up to $400,000 are offered in Clark County. This is the only mortgage

program in the USA that does not require ANY down payment.

No Closing Costs

are required to be paid by the buyer or the seller. The lender will pay all closing costs including the seller's property transfer tax. These costs are NOT added to your loan. The lender pays them.

No Points or "Junk" Fees

are added on. Lenders typically quote an interest rate that requires some portion of a "point" (1% of the loan amount) to obtain the low rate.  There are also no document fees collected.

No Origination Fee

is required for this mortgage. Lenders typically charge an origination fee (a % of the loan amount) to complete your mortgage which is paid by the buyer. No fee with this program. 

No Mortgage Insurance

is required for this mortgage. A mortgage insurance premium is added to your monthly payment to protect the lender in the event you don't make your payments. This is not required here.

No Credit Score Minimum

is required to qualify for this mortgage. The lender looks at your ability to pay your bills without regard to your FICO credit score. You cannot have any collections within the last 2 years.

Permanently Lower Interest Rate

Pay 1% of the mortgage amount to reduce interest rate by 1/4%(.25%) for 30 year mortgages and by 1/2% (.50%) for 15 year mortgages. This lower rate applies to the life of the loan.

30 Year or 15 Year Mortgage

15 year mortgage has a lower interest rate but a higher monthly payment. However, if you're considering the interest reduction plan, each 1% payment will double your interest rate reduction. 


Contact me after you get qualified.

Choose me as your REALTOR® & I'll contribute

AT LEAST $2,500 towards

 your closing costs.

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